Did not pay alimony – took away the driver’s license

Did not pay alimony - took away the driver's license in Ukraine
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To date, the legislation of Ukraine provides for many sanctions for non-payment of alimony.

Therefore, in this article I will tell you about whether the police can really withdraw a driver’s license if there is a backlog of alimony, how it happens in practice and from whom it does not matter to take a driver’s license.

What threatens a defaulter of alimony in Ukraine

In Ukraine, restrictions may indeed be imposed if the alimony payer does not pay funds for children in due time.

One of such restrictions may indeed be the revocation of a driver’s license.

In order to remove the driver’s license, the State Executive must issue a resolution establishing a temporary restriction on the debtor’s right to drive a vehicle if there is a four-month debt from the payment of alimony.

This decree is sent to the alimony payer by mail, that is, the alimony payer will know that such a decree has been issued. A ruling is issued by the Central Rada and becomes available to police officers from the moment of its issuance.

That is why the practice of seizing driver’s licenses by the police at the place where the car stops has become quite common.

Amount of alimony debt in Ukraine

With regard to the amount owed, the total amount owed must exceed the amount of the corresponding payments for four months.

That is, if you have to pay UAH 2,000 per month, but do not pay them, then your driver’s license can be withdrawn if the amount of debt exceeds UAH 8,000 in total.

After the withdrawal of the driver’s license, the case is taken to court, and the driver is provided with a temporary driver’s license.

A driver’s license can be taken away for a period of three to six months, and at the same time it will be necessary to pay all the alimony arrears.

Who can not take away the rights in Ukraine

By the way, there are drivers whose driver’s license cannot be taken away at all.

Actually, a temporary restriction of the right to drive a car cannot be applied if the withdrawal of a driver’s license deprives the debtor of the opportunity to work.

For example, a person is engaged in business and uses a car or works as a driver or employee of a transport company.

Also, a driver’s license cannot be withdrawn if the car is used by the driver for the movement of persons with disabilities or a person with disabilities of the first and second groups or a child with a disability is dependent on such a debtor.

They can also withdraw rights from military personnel.

Withdrawal of a driver’s license is also impossible if there is an installment plan or a deferral for the payment of alimony arrears in the manner prescribed by law.

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