How to divorce a military man remotely at a distance Ukraine

How to divorce a military man remotely at a distance Ukraine

How to divorce a military man remotely at a distance Ukraine

Often, over the years, married couples decide to end their marriage due to various reasons – material issues, interpersonal conflicts, different views on life, infidelity, and so on. If one of the spouses is in the military, the procedure may be more complicated. Therefore, the question arises of how to divorce a military man remotely from a distance in Ukraine.

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Hello! In this article, I will tell you about how to divorce a military man remotely at a distance in Ukraine, what are the methods for dissolving a marriage in such a situation, and also what to do if a military man cannot personally attend the divorce.
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Divorce for a military man in Ukraine: methods of divorce

The procedure for divorce of a military personnel in Ukraine is similar to the standard divorce process. Therefore, if one of the married couple is in the military, then you can file for divorce:

  • To the registry office.
  • To the district court.

The choice of divorce method depends on whether there are children in the family, and whether the husband and wife agree to dissolve the marriage.

Apply for divorce to a military man through the registry office

Spouses can divorce at the registry office if there are no children (shared under 18 years of age), and also if both of them agree. To register a divorce, the husband and wife must appear at the district registry office at the place of registration of one of them or where the marriage was formalized.

At the registry office, a husband and wife can prepare an application for divorce and receive details for paying the state fee. The payment receipt is attached to the rest of the divorce documents.

Divorce for a military man in the registry office without the presence of a spouse

If a serviceman cannot be present at the registry office when submitting an application, then he can prepare an application in advance and make a power of attorney for his spouse, which must be certified by a notary.

Thus, a serviceman will be able to get a divorce remotely at a distance through the registry office. To properly prepare all the documents and avoid problems, we recommend contacting a family law attorney.

Divorce a military man through a lawyer:
without online presence
without delay
no problem
To divorce a military man on his own:
mandatory presence
for a long time

Divorce a military man remotely online

A serviceman can get a divorce remotely online through a lawyer. A family lawyer can, on the basis of a contract, represent the interests of a military man in court if he cannot be personally present at the divorce.

With the help of a lawyer, you can avoid the need to personally visit court authorities, prepare documents and other bureaucratic issues.

An agreement with a lawyer can be signed online – via email or instant messenger, which will help save you time and money on filing divorce proceedings for a military man.

Apply for divorce to a military man at a distance through the court

A military personnel’s divorce must be filed through the court if there are small children in the family or one of the couple is against divorce. In the first case, the spouses can submit a joint application for divorce to the court, and also attach to it an agreement on children, certified by a notary.

In the second case, one of the spouses files a claim for divorce, since the second spouse is against divorce. In order not to be present in court in person, spouses can invite a proxy – a lawyer who will represent their interests in court.

Lawyer services: divorce a military man online

A family lawyer for a military divorce remotely in Ukraine is a proven way to quickly dissolve a marriage without having to deal with the preparation of documents and visits to government agencies.

In addition, the lawyer will act as a mediator between the spouses, which will help avoid unnecessary conflicts. Therefore, we recommend that you seek help from family law lawyers if a military member needs to get a divorce remotely.

Questions for a lawyer about a military divorce remotely at a distance
Is it possible for military personnel to get a divorce through the registry office in Ukraine?
How can a military man get a divorce remotely?
Is it possible for a military man to file for divorce if he cannot be present in person at the registry office?
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Skryabina Daria Sergeevna
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To get a military divorce remotely from a distance quickly and without problems, call or write to our lawyers at the numbers listed on the website. Our lawyers will help you dissolve your marriage in the best possible way online, as well as avoid all kinds of conflicts.

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