How to File a Divorce Claim in Ukraine

How to File a Divorce Claim in Ukraine in 2023

How to file a claim for divorce

How to File a Divorce Claim in Ukraine

If a married couple decides to divorce, then, depending on the circumstances, they can apply to the court or the registry office. Registration of divorce through the registry office is possible in the absence of children under 18 years of age and by mutual consent. In other cases, the spouses apply to the courts. How to file a lawsuit for divorce in Ukraine – this question is relevant when filing a divorce process in court.

Divorce should be filed through the court if the family has children under the age of 18, the husband or wife cannot be present at the dissolution of the marriage, or one of the spouses does not agree to dissolve the marriage. If there are children in the family, but both spouses are ready to divorce, then they can file a joint application to the court for divorce.

How to File a Petition for Divorce

If one of the couple cannot be present in court or is against a divorce, then it is necessary to file a claim for divorce. Also, in some cases, lawyers recommend filing a claim for divorce if you have children and the spouses mutually agree to divorce.

This is due to the fact that when filing a joint divorce application, one party can withdraw the application from the court if they change their mind about divorcing. In this case, the dissolution of the marriage will not be issued. When filing a lawsuit, the parties cannot withdraw the application from the court, which guarantees the execution of the divorce process.

Prepare a statement of claim for divorce through the court

Preparation of a statement of claim for divorce is an important and responsible stage of the divorce process. The correctness and correctness of filing a claim for divorce affects the outcome of the divorce process.

When preparing a claim, legal norms and requirements should be taken into account. If you have questions or difficulties in preparing a claim, you can seek the help of a family lawyer.

File a petition for divorce in court

You can file a lawsuit for divorce in Ukraine at the place of registration / residence of the defendant. So, if the husband files for divorce, then it is necessary to apply to the district court at the place of residence of the spouse.

There may also be grounds for filing a claim for divorce at the place of registration of the plaintiff – the spouse who files for divorce. Such grounds may be the state of health of the plaintiff, which does not allow to go to court at the place of residence of the defendant or guardianship of a minor child.

File a divorce claim online in Ukraine

In Ukraine, you can file a divorce claim online using the Judicial Power of Ukraine system. To do this, you need to register on the site using a digital signature. After that, you can prepare a divorce claim online and attach all the necessary documents.

It should be noted that filing a claim for divorce online on its own is associated with the risks of making a mistake in the application. If there are errors or inaccuracies in the claim, the application will not be considered by the court.

In addition, you must supervise the divorce proceedings. To obtain a court decision on divorce, you will need to visit the court in person. Therefore, lawyers and lawyers do not advise filing a divorce suit in this way.

Petition for divorce in court while abroad

If you are abroad, you can file for divorce in two ways:

  1. Through the system of “Judicial power of Ukraine”. In this case, you will have to personally come to the court and pick up the court decision on divorce.
  2. Through a lawyer. In this case, you do not have to come to Ukraine and apply personally to the court.

File a divorce suit with a lawyer

Filing a divorce petition through a lawyer is an excellent option for citizens who cannot handle divorce in person. A lawyer or family lawyer can not only file a divorce suit, but also complete the divorce process without your participation and presence.

You may be in another country or in another city, and at this time the lawyer will handle the paperwork and resolve legal issues in the divorce case.

Lawyer services: how to file a divorce suit in Ukraine

You can order one legal service of a lawyer, for example, prepare and file a divorce suit in Ukraine or use a comprehensive turnkey divorce service.

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