What documents are required for marriage abroad

What documents are required for marriage abroad

In the modern world, many people travel, move to another country, where they can meet their love and receive a marriage proposal. At the same time, many questions arise: how to get married abroad, what documents are needed to get married abroad, is this marriage recognized in Ukraine?

The legislation of different countries differs from each other, so some features of getting married in another country may differ, but the basic conditions are the same. Before registering a marriage, lawyers recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for preparing documents for marriage abroad.

Documents for marriage abroad for Ukrainians

The main documents required for marriage abroad are a passport and birth certificate. It is also necessary to obtain a certificate of no criminal record and marital status.

Citizens who were previously married must also prepare documents confirming the registration of a divorce from the previous spouse. Such documents may be a divorce certificate or a court decision on divorce. In addition, to get married in another country, you must have a visa from that country.

Marriage abroad. How to prepare documents?

Proper preparation of documents for marriage abroad is an important and responsible step that will help you get married and enjoy your wedding. If you prepare an incomplete list of documents or make any mistake, you may be denied marriage abroad.

In addition to preparing Ukrainian documents, it is necessary to have them translated and legalized for use in another country. Legalization of documents – affixing an apostille stamp – allows you to use documents abroad.

Documents for marriage abroad

It is best to start preparing documents for marriage abroad several months before the event itself. This will help you prepare a complete list of documents on time and avoid problems.

Preparing documents for marriage abroad in advance is a guaranteed way to get married on the appointed date. If there are errors in the documents for registering a marriage abroad, the event may not take place.

Getting married abroad: list of documents

The complete list of documents for marriage in another country depends on the legislation of the country where the marriage will be celebrated. For example, the package of documents for marriage in Poland, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic will be different. Therefore, you should clarify what documents are needed to register a marriage in a particular country.

You can also contact a family lawyer to consult about the necessary documents for marriage in the USA, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden or another country.

Getting married in another country: list of documents

After you have clarified the list of required documents, you should consult regarding the need to legalize documents. In some countries, legalization is not required, and in others it is a prerequisite for filing documents for marriage.

Apostille legalization of documents for marriage can be issued independently by government agencies. This process is lengthy and bureaucratic. You can also get an apostille stamp through a family lawyer – online.

How can Ukrainians register a marriage in another country?

Many Ukrainians encounter problems and difficulties when preparing documents for marriage. One of these difficulties is obtaining a visa that will allow a Ukrainian man or woman to come to the country to get married.

Two more common problems:

  1. Translation of documents – making mistakes when translating documents or illiterate translation from a legal point of view.
  2. Apostilization of documents – possible delays in the legalization of documents may delay the process of document preparation.
  3. To prepare documents for marriage in another country efficiently and quickly, we recommend contacting a family lawyer.

Lawyer services: prepare documents for marriage abroad

A family lawyer will be able to prepare documents for marriage in another country in the shortest possible time. In addition, you can prepare documents for marriage abroad online – without coming to Ukraine.

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Skryabina Daria Sergeevna
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