Duplicate certificate

Duplicate certificate in Ukraine

obtaining repeated documents from the registry office

Duplicate certificate in Ukraine

Duplicate certificate in Ukraine

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In the article “Duplicate Certificate” I will tell you why, why you need a duplicate birth certificate, how to get a duplicate marriage certificate after a divorce, whether you need a duplicate certificate of divorce for marriage abroad and how to get duplicate certificates if you are abroad.

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Why do I need a duplicate birth certificate in Ukraine?

Why do I need a duplicate birth certificate in Ukraine?

Why a child’s birth certificate is needed is known. Until the moment of obtaining a passport, this is the only identity document. But why you should not neglect the birth certificate in adulthood, you need to figure it out.

Loss of the originally issued birth certificate entails obtaining a duplicate. The procedure for issuing duplicate documents in the registry office is regulated by the Rules of State Registration.

Re-receipt of a document (duplicate) is necessary in the case of an inheritance. Based on the provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine, when registering the right to inheritance, it is necessary to pay tax on the inherited inheritance, depending on the order of inheritance. The line of heirs by law must be documented.

A birth certificate is the main document in establishing family ties. Only in the birth certificate information about the parents is indicated. A duplicate birth certificate makes it possible to trace the presence of blood ties between relatives.

The issue of issuing a duplicate birth certificate is an acute issue for Ukrainian citizens who are abroad.

If your relationship with the state goes beyond tourism and you apply for official procedures, then many countries will require a birth certificate from you as an identity document. However, in the case of visiting another country solely for tourist purposes, a birth certificate may also come in handy.

In the case of formalizing an official marriage abroad, the groom / bride – citizens of Ukraine may be faced with the need to provide a birth certificate (duplicate) along with a package of other important documents.

Here you should act immediately, because even if the primary birth certificate has been preserved, and perhaps it is with you, unfortunately you will not have to use it in foreign authorities.

You need to obtain a duplicate of a new type of birth certificate, in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution “On Approval of Samples of Civil Status Registrations, Descriptions and Samples of Forms for State Registration of Civil Status Acts”.

After receiving a duplicate of the birth certificate (new sample), it is necessary to legalize this document in accordance with the requirements presented by a foreign state.

How to get a second marriage certificate after divorce in Ukraine?

How to get a second marriage certificate after divorce in Ukraine?

According to the Rules of State Registration, after the termination of marriage by divorce, repeated certificates (duplicates) of marriage are not issued. In such cases, at the written request of the applicants, the registry office issues an extract indicating the surname, name, patronymic of the persons who registered the marriage, their surname after registration and the dates of registration of the conclusion and dissolution of the marriage.

If the marriage is dissolved and it is necessary to confirm the premarital surname or the very fact of registration of the marriage, instead of a duplicate of the marriage certificate, an extract from the State Register is issued with a mark about the divorce.

A very common question remains – how to get a divorce while abroad? (on the page how to get a divorce while abroad?) To do this, you also need to obtain a duplicate marriage certificate if the other spouse has not yet divorced.

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Duplicate divorce certificate for marriage abroad in Ukraine

Duplicate divorce certificate for marriage abroad in Ukraine

To register a marriage abroad, you must collect a package of necessary documents. The list of documents is somewhat different in different countries, however, confirmation of the marital status of future spouses is always relevant.

To confirm marital status, citizens of Ukraine are required to present a certificate (statement) on marital status, in case of remarriage – a document confirming the termination of a previous marriage (a duplicate of a divorce certificate in case of loss or availability of an old-style certificate, an extract from the State Register with a mark of divorce, if the divorce was in court).

According to the legislation of Ukraine, a certificate (statement) on marital status is drawn up exclusively by a notary (private / public) in person, you must have the following documents with you:

  • passport;
  • identification tax number;
  • a document that confirms the dissolution of marriage (duplicate of the divorce certificate with apostille).

Citizens of Ukraine temporarily / permanently residing abroad, in order to confirm their marital status for the purpose of registering a marriage, submit an application on marital status, certified by a notary or consular official. The document is properly certified (apostille / consular legalization).

In case of loss, a duplicate of the divorce certificate can be obtained at the consulate of Ukraine of the host state.

How to get repeated certificates if you are abroad in Ukraine?

How to get repeated certificates if you are abroad in Ukraine?

Duplicates of documents / certificates of registration of acts of civil status of foreigners, stateless persons and citizens of Ukraine residing abroad are requested through diplomatic and consular institutions of Ukraine abroad, as well as through the Consular Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on an application or questionnaire signed by the person who requests re-testimony.

However, in practice, such a procedure turns out to be very lengthy; in addition, the re-issuance of certificates will be followed by the legalization procedure (affixing apostille on documents), which will also take a lot of time and effort.

The legislation provides for the possibility of obtaining a repeated certificate only by the person in respect of whom the deed has been drawn up or on the basis of a notarized power of attorney. Such a power of attorney must be legalized / apostilled, translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

However, this method of obtaining repeated documents in the registry office is long and costly.

We suggest you contact an experienced lawyer Alexey Nikolayevich Skriabin in a convenient way and quickly get all the necessary duplicate documents while abroad! The lawyer represents the interests of the client on the basis of a legal assistance agreement, which is drawn up in writing.

The client signs the attorney agreement and sends a scanned copy by e-mail, while the original is sent by regular mail. Performing such simple actions allows the family lawyer to start restoring the necessary duplicate documents without the presence of the client.

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