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Family divorce lawyer in Ukraine

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Family lawyer in Ukraine
Hello everyone! My name is Daria Sergeevna Skriabina. I am a family lawyer. Our law company specializes in providing legal services for divorce and recovery of alimony. Our lawyers provide support in court proceedings throughout Ukraine.

In the article “Family lawyer for divorce” I will tell you why it is important to seek the help of a qualified lawyer during a divorce, what is the cost of a family lawyer’s services, how does a divorce take place in court, how a lawyer can help you with the execution of documents on divorce, about full support the process of divorce by a divorce lawyer and how a divorce occurs through a court with the participation of a lawyer.

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Family divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Family divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Article 59 of the Constitution of Ukraine provides for the right of everyone to professional legal assistance in divorce.

Everyone is free to choose the defender of their rights. Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine in Art. 15 specifies this right, noting that participants in a divorce case have the right to use the legal assistance of a family lawyer.

Part three of Art. 10 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Judicial System and the Status of Judges” notes that the advocacy operates to provide professional legal assistance.

Ensuring the right to representation in court – as a service, is carried out by a family lawyer, with the exception of cases established by law.

According to the second part of Art. 15 of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, representation in court as a type of legal assistance is carried out by a family lawyer (professional legal assistance).

Help of a good divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Help of a good divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Based on the norms of Article 58 of the Civil Procedure Code, it should be noted that in a civil process, participants in a divorce case can participate in the case independently, together with a representative – a family lawyer, or through a lawyer.

Representation of a client’s interests by a lawyer in civil proceedings is a set of procedural actions of a lawyer on behalf of and in the interests of the person represented in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests.

In a divorce civil procedure, a family lawyer is endowed only with a procedural interest and provides his services within the limits of his powers.

The purpose of his participation in the process is to assist the court in fully and objectively clarifying the circumstances of the case and making a lawful and well-grounded decision.

Unlike representation in substantive law, procedural representation allows for the simultaneous participation in the process of both the representative-family lawyer and the person he represents.

Together with the participant in the case during the consideration and resolution of the divorce case, a family lawyer may act and provide legal services at the same time next to the person.

Family lawyer fees in Ukraine

Family lawyer fees in Ukraine

During the consideration and resolution of the dissolution case, the simultaneous provision of representation services by one person is allowed – the family lawyer of several plaintiffs, several defendants or several third parties on the same side.

Such multiple representation is permitted provided there is no conflict of interest between persons represented by one family lawyer.

Consultation of a family lawyer in case of divorce with the husband in court in Ukraine

Consultation of a family lawyer in case of divorce with the husband in court in Ukraine

It is no coincidence that the first item on the list of types of advocacy of Art. 19 Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Advocate Activity” named:

  • provision of legal information;
  • consultations;
  • clarifications on legal issues.

Among the activities of the legal profession, consulting work is the most capacious and equally important sector of employment, it is the main type of work of all lawyers’ formations in the general range of legal assistance to the population.

All other types of legal practice for the provision of:

  • advice;
  • certificates;
  • drafting legal papers and documents for divorce;
  • reaching agreement on further cooperation;
  • the conclusion of agreements on the production of certain cases in court and the like.

All this is the result of the family lawyer’s work in providing the usual advice.

The visitor’s understanding of the level of professionalism of a family lawyer dealing with family affairs and divorce with children and without, in particular, about his ability and desire to work with interest and efficiency is precisely at the stage of getting to know the latter at the first meeting in the process of obtaining legal advice.

The impression that the client left during the first conversation decides the fate of the future relationship with the family divorce lawyer.

A person’s visit to a family lawyer is always a forced action. The person who made the decision to visit a legal consultation weighed all his possibilities, prepared for a certain investment of time and money, and most importantly, for a statement of the issue that was beneficial for himself, which was the reason for turning to the services of a lawyer.

The case, which is hopeless for the spouse and the most hopeless from the point of view of the lawyer, can be explained in such a way that the person, despite the negative result for himself, will be grateful and satisfied with the communication with the family lawyer.

And there is no doubt that on occasion he will again turn to this particular family lawyer.

The main thing is to be honest with the client, attentive to his problems, not to create an anti-image for oneself with confused and endless explanations.

Help of a lawyer in the preparation of documents on divorce in Ukraine

Help of a lawyer in the preparation of documents on divorce in Ukraine

The most common type of advocacy after consulting work is drawing up applications for divorce, complaints, procedural and other legal documents on the issue of divorce. On the one hand, this work is a natural consequence of the consultations held, and on the other hand, it is a logical continuation of them.

The drafting of one of the above-mentioned documents is already an element of in-depth cooperation.

The lawyer studies the materials, formulates the legal basis of the document, forms its legislative basis for the subsequent presentation of documents to the court.

A deeper acquaintance with the psychological portrait of the client takes place, an idea of his ethical and legal image is drawn up, his true intentions and their compliance with the law are revealed.

Granting consent for the preparation of a legal document is based on:

  • on the firm confidence of the lawyer in the legality of the essence of the client’s requirements;
  • if there is a minimum procedural and actual chances for the implementation of this document;
  • on the absolute confidence that the document will not lead to any negative consequences for the client.

Full support of the divorce process by a divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Full support of the divorce process by a divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Full support of the divorce process in Ukraine provides for the representation of the client’s interests in court and the preparation of all the necessary documents.

The most important document in a divorce is a statement of claim to the court, which must meet the requirements of the Civil Procedure Code and contain:

  • the name of the court of first instance to which the application is submitted;
  • personal data of the participants in the case;
  • indication of the price of the claim, if the claim is subject to monetary valuation;
  • a reasonable calculation of the amounts recovered or disputed;
  • the content of the claim or the subject of the claim;
  • a statement of the circumstances by which the plaintiff substantiates his claims;
  • indication of evidence confirming the circumstances with which the plaintiff substantiates his claims;
  • information on the adoption of measures for pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
  • information on the adoption of measures to secure evidence or a claim before filing a claim, if any;
  • list of documents and other evidence attached to the application; indication of evidence that cannot be submitted together with the statement of claim (if any);
  • preliminary (approximate) calculation of the amount of legal costs;
  • confirmation of the plaintiff that he has not presented another claim (claims) against the same defendant (s) with the same subject matter and on the same grounds;
  • grounds for exemption of the plaintiff from paying court fees;
  • the grounds for filing a statement of claim against a person who has been granted the right by law to go to court in the interests of another person.

Divorce through the court with children with the participation of a lawyer in Ukraine

Divorce through the court with children with the participation of a lawyer in Ukraine

In the case of representation and provision of services by a lawyer in a divorce case in court, his powers are confirmed by a power of attorney or an order issued in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Advocacy.”

Such a warrant is issued by an attorney, law office or bar association and must be signed by the attorney.

Family Divorce Lawyer Services in Ukraine

Family Divorce Lawyer Services in Ukraine

Providing advocacy activity, an advocate has the right to perform any actions and provide services that are not prohibited by the law, the rules of advocate ethics and an agreement on the provision of legal assistance, necessary for the proper execution of an agreement on the provision of legal assistance during a divorce process, are the following:

  • to apply with lawyer inquiries, including for obtaining copies of documents, to state authorities, local self-government bodies, their officials, enterprises, institutions, organizations, public associations;
  • represent and protect the rights, freedoms and interests of individuals on the issue of divorce;
  • draw up statements, claims, petitions, other legal documents and submit them in the manner prescribed by law;
  • report the motions and claims at the reception with officials, in accordance with the law, receive written reasoned responses to these motions and complaints from them;
  • be present during the process of considering their motions and claims at the court sessions when considering a divorce case;
  • use technical means, including those which are used for copying the materials of the case and with help of which the lawyer provides defense, representation or other types of legal assistance, to record the procedural actions in which he participates, as well as the court session in the manner prescribed by the law;
  • certify copies of documents in the cases that he deals with, unless the law establishes another mandatory way of certifying copies of documents.

Professional rights and services of a lawyer considering a divorce case are the main tools of a lawyer, the main weapon in the daily struggle on the legal front.

Such rhetoric is absolutely justified, as a lawyer is always on the line of contact of the interests of the parties, whose positions of confrontation are not only incompatible, but also mutually exclusive.

For a lawyer, this is always a “struggle” to defend the legitimate interests or violated rights of their clients.

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