Husband, wife, children before and after divorce

Husband, wife, children before and after divorce in Ukraine

husband, wife, children before and after divorce

Husband, wife, children before and after divorce in Ukraine

Husband, wife, children before and after divorce in Ukraine

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In the article “Husband, Wife, Children Before and After Divorce” I will tell you how to understand that you need to get divorced, how to tell your child about the divorce, how children share during a divorce, how relations between former spouses develop after a divorce.

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How do you know when you need to get a divorce in Ukraine?

How do you know when you need to get a divorce in Ukraine?

It is quite difficult to come to a meaningful decision to divorce. However, being in a state of dissatisfaction, disharmony, despair and constant irritation is even more difficult. If you have been together for a long time and life has begun to resemble one continuous quarrel, isn’t it time to analyze your relationship with your spouse? But how do you know that it’s time to file for divorce?

The main signs that the family is breaking down:

  • violence in various forms is present. Cases when a husband hit his wife, unfortunately, are numerous in Ukraine;
  • conditions under which you are constantly in a state of irritation. You are annoyed by habits, habits or life with your spouse in general;
  • family no longer has common interests and goals. Your communication is reduced only to the discussion of everyday issues. You keep the relationship because you are afraid of change and uncertainty;
  • adultery of one of the spouses;
  • preservation of the family for the sake of the child. The goal is noble, but it is still worth looking at the situation from the outside. A child who grew up in scandals, negativity and irritation will never be happy. Perhaps it will be calmer and it will be more comfortable for him to live with one of the parents.

In order to make such an important decision, you need to analyze your feelings and emotions. If you find it difficult to imagine a future with a once loved one, and thoughts about him cause only sadness and emptiness, maybe the time has come?

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How to tell your child about divorce in Ukraine?

How to tell your child about divorce in Ukraine?

How to tell a child about divorce and whether to talk at all? Definitely yes! But it should be borne in mind that the conversation should be based on the deliberate decision of the parents to divorce. After all, if the decision to divorce came to you after an emotional quarrel, you need to weigh everything and not injure the child in vain.

It is better to calm down, not get nervous and think over the conversation. In this situation, you need to focus on the age of the child. Children under 3 years old require less arguments, but more emotions, intonations. If the parents are anxious and worried about how the child will react to the news of the parents’ divorce, then the anxiety will certainly be passed on to the son / daughter. This behavior traumatizes the already unsettled psyche of your child.

Children from 3 to 6 years old need arguments, explanations and reasons for divorce. This age is the most difficult, as children tend to blame themselves for breaking up the family. Here it is very important to explain to the child in time that he is not guilty of anything and that the relationship has changed only between the parents.

It is better to convey the decision to divorce to both spouses. The conversation should be coherent, and the position agreed. Thus, the child will understand that despite the change in the relationship of the parents, you still remain one family.

How to divide children in divorce in Ukraine?

How to divide children in divorce in Ukraine?

Based on the norms of family law, the issue of the place of residence of children after a divorce is decided by mutual consent of the parents. If the spouses failed to come to a compromise, then such an issue is decided by the custody service and custody authority or the court.

If the spouses decide to dissolve the marriage by common statement through the court, they need to draw up a written, notarized agreement on the exercising of parental rights and obligations for those of the parents who will live separately.

Accordingly, the issue of children’s residence can be resolved by the parents mutually without the involvement of outside government bodies, regardless of whether this issue is resolved after a divorce or whether the parents simply live separately.

Do not forget that family law grants equal rights to the upbringing of children to both parents. If the spouses could not resolve the issue of the children’s residence in a peaceful way, the court or the custody service and custody authority will deal with this issue.

Considering the question with whom the children will live, the court and custody service or custody authority take into account:

  • the age of the child and his state of health;
  • the child’s desire to stay with one of the parents;
  • attitude of parents to their parental rights and responsibilities.

Wife and husband after divorce in Ukraine

Wife and husband after divorce in Ukraine

How the relationship between the spouses will develop after a divorce depends on that fact whether  they have common children. After all, after the divorce, the spouses ceased to be husband and wife, but not parents. If you do not have common children, then it is better to stop communication and start a new life stage.

Psychologists say that divorce brings a lot of negative emotions and experiences to each of the spouses. Even if the divorce does not hurt you at first, it is better to work through all the emotions with a psychologist, because the stage of depression may come later.

If it is not possible to consult a psychologist, you should:

  • listen to your feelings and analyze them. You should not turn back and carry negativity into a new life. Let all anger, resentment and indignation remain in the past;
  • love yourself. After a divorce, it is necessary to improve self-esteem;
  • revise your hobbies and interests. Perhaps earlier, you did not have enough time to do what you love;
  • do not switch rapidly to a new relationship, take time for yourself.

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