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Do you need the help of a lawyer in Ukraine in family matters?

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Scriabina Daria Sergeevna

Many satisfied customers around the world, whom we really helped to solve their problems and questions, already know why it is worth cooperating with us!

Why is it worth working with the law firm “ADVOKAT-FAMILY.COM.UA”?

We provide legal services in the field of family law related to the following issues.


Family divorce lawyer


Divorce procedure

Divorce through the court

Online divorce

Divorce with a foreigner

Divorce in another city

Divorce through the registry office

Documents for divorce

Reconciliation of spouses

The right to marriage

Cost of services in a divorce


Credit and divorce – How to divide debts after divorce

Establishment of the regime of separate residence of spouses




We provide legal services in the field of family law (divorce from a foreigner, recovery of alimony, obtaining permission to leave a child, divorce with a foreigner without being present in court, divorce in Ukraine), civil and inheritance law, reclamation, legalization and apostille of documents for abroad! We help our clients to forget about the problems with litigation in Ukraine, and the legalization of documents for other countries (we work remotely throughout Ukraine)! We know what an integrated approach to solving the assigned tasks is, since our team consists of only the best professionals (lawyers and lawyers in family, civil and inheritance disputes). Over the years, we have developed fundamental principles and approaches to work that will provide you with an accurate understanding that you will receive a positive result. Otherwise, we guarantee a refund of paid funds!

✅ We work remotely, we are always in touch (on-line)

✅ You have full control over the execution of the task

✅ We send ready-made documents to any country in the world

✅ Payment by any payment systems convenient for you

✅ Obtaining a financial report and phased payment for work

✅ We do our best to get a positive result


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