Legalization of an apostille on a divorce certificate

Legalization, apostille on divorce certificate

Legalization of an apostille on a divorce certificate

Legalization Apostille on a divorce certificate is a seal that confirms the authenticity and legality of the document. Such a stamp is necessary for registration of legal issues – family, financial and others, abroad.

The fact is that in other countries it is necessary to confirm the legality of a document issued in Ukraine for registration of property, employment, marriage and many other issues.

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Hello! In this article, I will tell you about how the legalization of an apostille on a divorce certificate is carried out, what documents are needed for this, as well as the possibility of apostilling documents online.
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Apostille stamp on a divorce certificate: what is it for?

Legalization Apostille on a divorce certificate is a seal that allows you to use a document while abroad. That is, this is confirmation of the authenticity of your divorce certificate.

If you live abroad and you need to formalize a legal matter – property, family or any other, then you need to confirm the accuracy of your Ukrainian documents.

Where to go to legalize a divorce certificate?

You can get an apostille stamp to legalize a divorce certificate at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The procedure is quite complicated and can take a long time if there are any errors or inaccuracies in the documents.

To speed up the process of legalizing a divorce certificate and guaranteeing an apostille for use of documents abroad, it is best to contact a family lawyer.

A lawyer can issue an apostille even without your presence in Ukraine – online. To do this, it is worth concluding a legal assistance agreement with a lawyer. This can also be done online – by email or messenger.

Applying an apostille to a divorce certificate: specifics of the process

The procedure for affixing an apostille on civil registry office documents involves contacting the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. An application should be prepared, as well as relevant documents.

It is important to draw up your application clearly and correctly, without making mistakes, so that the Ministry of Justice will consider your request. Otherwise, your application will remain without consideration.

A family lawyer will be able to help prepare an application and documents for apostilization of a divorce certificate and quickly issue an apostille.

Cost and terms of legalization of divorce certificate apostille

The processing time for an application for affixing an apostille stamp on a divorce certificate at the Ministry of Justice is from five to seven working days. However, delays and difficulties may arise if the application is submitted or prepared incorrectly.

The cost of legalizing a divorce certificate includes payment of the state fee, as well as payment for the services of a lawyer in family matters.

Plus & Minus
Apply for an apostille with the help of a lawyer:
no problem
online - without participation
Apply an apostille yourself:
for a long time
mandatory participation

How to put an apostille on the translation of a divorce certificate

In some countries, the apostille stamp should be placed not on the original divorce certificate, but on its translation. You need to translate the certificate into the official language of the country in which this document will be used. And after that – affix an apostille to the translation of the document.

It should be noted that the translation must be made in accordance with legal requirements, otherwise it will not be accepted by government authorities for legalization.

Therefore, you can contact a lawyer who will help with the translation of documents and affixing an apostille on them.

Lawyer services: legalization of an apostille on a divorce certificate

A family law lawyer will help you quickly put an apostille on a divorce certificate and other registry office and court documents.

You can be abroad and not come to Ukraine to obtain an apostille legalization on your birth certificate. A lawyer on your behalf will be able to draw up all the documents and send them to you in a convenient way.

You just need to enter into an agreement with a lawyer:

  1. The lawyer sends you a signed and stamped agreement by email or messenger.
  2. You print out the contract and sign it.
  3. Make a scanned copy or photo of the contract and send it to the lawyer.

The lawyer will do the rest without your participation or presence. All documents required to legalize a divorce certificate can also be sent electronically – online.

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Skryabina Daria Sergeevna
Skryabina Daria Sergeevna
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Call our lawyers or contact us in another convenient way (messenger, email) to quickly resolve the issue of legalizing an apostille on a divorce certificate and other registry office documents.

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